Checkered Print Trousers

I haven’t really been able to think of an outfit for these black and white checkered trousers I picked up from Urban Outfitters. I feel like you can wear this print any day of the year. It’s actually become a really trendy print for pants, dresses, and bathing suits. I’m still trying to think of some more outfits that I can create with the pants, but for now here is the outfit I thought of from a couple weeks ago. Emmanuel asked me to pose for him as well as collaborate. (I took some photos of him too!) We both thought this kit looked editorial and edgy. I really love how the photos came out! Thought I’d give him a shout out as well, since he is extremely talented and knows all the right angles.

Jean Jacket: Emmanuel’s / Belt: I don’t remember
Shirt: Thrifted / Trousers: Urban Outfitters
Yellow Sunglasses: H&M

Getting more fashionable lately! Or at least interested in it! Look forward to more “fashion” related posts. I hope you enjoyed this look.


Featured photo by Jordyn Belli


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