Moving Out of My First Apartment

Hey there! After months of me making blogs and then deleting them, I have finally decided to keep up with this thing. For someone who is in her last year of art school and can’t really seem to figure out what she wants to do, I thought, “maybe blogging could help?” It seems that a lot of people who blog start to blog about a lot of different topics, but then you can kind of tell what they enjoy talking about more as they keep going. I really want to see if I will go through a similar process and figure out what I enjoy more!

It’s finally June which means, hopefully, hotter weather! School is over with, so blogging actually will keep me busy. At the end of the month I unfortunately have to move out of my very first Chicago apartment. Though I lived in Chicago before, it was in student housing for my first year of college. So technically this apartment, was the first. Everything about this apartment was perfect. The interior, the rent, and the location. I finally took some photos of the apartment sometime in April, which I am going to share with you. I wanted to document this apartment since it’s been such a great home. East/Ukrainian Village is the cool, quiet neighborhood near the hip, out-going Wicker Park. I would stay in this apartment, but one Kyle and I have decided to find our own place and two, I would like an easier commute. If it is at all possible to find another apartment in the same neighborhood, closer to the train, I think Kyle and I should definitely take it.


It is going to be really sad when I actually move out completely. The plans for the summer until Kyle and I find a place, is really to just stack everything in my parents basement! If anyone has any tips on finding a cheap and decent quality apartment in Chicago, please let me know! I will be making updated posts when I go look at apartments and see what Kyle and I are leaning towards. I’m sure it could help someone out too to see our process of finding an apartment and moving in. Well that’s all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed my little shpeal on moving out. Look for more blogs posts here or you can subscribe to my email list and that should notify you when I post!



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